8 Common Complaints about CPA's and our Response

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8 Common Complaints About Accountants
1)My accountant just doesn't treat me right. I find out at the last minute that I have a huge balance due on my tax return, even though I got my information to them early. Seems like I’m just not important to them. It’s so stressful.
At Rarey-Olson, we do our best to ensure that you are not caught off guard. Our firm gives out reminders through various forms of communication urging you, the client, to bring in your tax work early. Once it is in our office, we work hard to get to the return in the quickest possible manner. Your return will NEVER be ignored at our office, EVER.
2) My accountant ignores me. They don't return my telephone calls, and I can't get a meeting with them. When I have a problem or an opportunity I need to get advice, immediately! I’m forced to act without the advice I need or I’ll kiss the opportunity good-bye.
We know that timing is crucial when it comes to financial decisions. When you have an important tax matter, we make every effort to get back to you as quickly as humanly possible. Our office is rarely ever closed completely so someone will be here to address your concerns. Our customer service is second to none in our industry (and many other industries for that matter!)
3) My accountant fails to cooperate with me. I ask questions looking for solutions, but all I hear is “no you can't do that.” I'd like to hear some alternatives, some ways that I can do this. I’m looking for ingenious strategies, that’s why I hired a CPA!
What a horrible answer! Our firm will always look for alternatives when you ask a question. If we do not know an alternative off hand, we will look for one!
4) My accountant doesn't keep me informed. The economy changes, the tax rules change, and business opportunities vary, I need to know about them. Why am I always left in the dark?
Rarey-Olson is not a large firm by any means, but part of our commitment to you is to do our best to keep you informed! We post a monthly newsletter with relevant tax topics, including pertinent tax law changes, and any opportunities we see! Our newsletter will never try to sell you anything. It was instituted solely to keep, YOU, or valuable client in the loop.  
5) My accountant assumes that I know everything they know. I don't have their training or experience and I’m not sure why they think I know the lingo of the accounting profession. Why can’t they speak in plain, non-technical language?
We are normal people here just like you are and no one at this firm will talk to you like that. Our job, as we see it, is to help you understand the law. You will not hear anyone here use technical jargon to explain something. We share a common goal and that goal is clarity. After all, that’s why you are asking for help, right?
6) My accountant is always late. It's like they don't have time for me. I placed my faith in them and they let me down.
Feel neglected no more! Our firm is dedicated to treating everyone the same way we would want to be treated. It does not matter how big or small you are, we value all of our clients equally.
7) My accountant never asks me any questions. They just take my information and make a tax return. There must be some additional tax deductions that I can take advantage of, or some planning opportunities that will save me money, but they just won't talk to me. It’s like I don’t matter.
Sadly, this is extremely common and one of the issues we see more often than anything. As a client, you will receive a handy tax organizer in January. In that organizer, we ask many leading questions. Before we start a return, your answers are considered. If you mark yes to any of them, that tells us that there is a potential deduction out there for you! We compare your current year return to your previous year as well, decreasing the chance of something being missed. Believe me, we love to talk with you!
8) When I call with a quick question, I get slammed with a big bill. Maybe I could live with that... if I received some useful advice, which I don’t usually get. Sometimes I’m afraid to pick up the phone and call. Why throw my hard earned dollars away?
In today's tax code, there is no ‘quick questions’ anymore. When you ask a question to us, you may be surprised to find that we will ask you several questions back. In order to give you that useful advice you are seeking, we want to make sure we know the entire situation. As for billing, the only time we bill you is if it takes an extended period of time to get a proper answer. Should this happen, included with the bill is a detailed explanation of our findings and any research documents pulled to get the answer. We don’t give lip service here, we give you what you were looking for; a proper answer!